GPH Grading


GPH Grading is a full service grading company offering excavation, land clearing and grading and forestry mulching for both residential and commercial customers. We are proud to offer start-to-finish work catered to the individual needs of each property.

We also assist in various types of land maintenance and preparation. From tilling and grading for seed or sod to debris removal to soil management and irrigation, GPH Grading can be trusted to get the job done. We can recommend the appropriate vegetation for your soil type and project goals to create a landscape design that is attractive, functional and long lasting.

GPH also offers thorough stump grinding services. We remove the entire stump, rather than only grinding off the top layer which can leave the bulk of the stump to rot underground, causing sinkholes.

Land Clearing

LAND CLEARING is the first step in any grading project and often requires the use of bulldozers and other heavy machinery to properly clear the land of trees, brush and other obstacles prior to grading.

LAND GRADING is required to flatten areas of uneven soil or to create a desired slope. Good land grading takes into account flooding and erosion control to provide a solid foundation. Landscape grading is also done to create or change certain design elements around driveways and green spaces such as stairs, slopes, rock walls, embankments and water features. We also assess, mitigate, and prevent environmental issues including soil problems, water pollution and excess energy use which saves our customers time and money in the long run.

Land Grading


EXCAVATION jobs include digging foundations, drilling shafts and more for new projects, additions, alterations and repairs. The GPH excavation team handles each project with proper planning and care, customizing our process to fit the unique needs of your individual project.

FORESTRY MULCHING is a land clearing method to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. We clear land of unwanted trees and brush as well as preserving desirable vegetation. We provide for healthy, sustainable, and thriving ecosystems through cleaning and clearing forested areas. Land with dead and sick trees or brush are fire hazards. We create quality, organic mulch for healthy forest floors and soil. This enables forests and the land they occupy to thrive while reducing the threat of uncontrolled fires.

Forestry mulching

Brush Cutting

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