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Brush Cutting

We offer a wide range of brush cutting services to meet the needs of residential and commercial in Atlanta.

Brush cutting or brush mowing is used to regain control of neglected, overgrown areas or to maintain control of patches of land that tend to become overgrown quickly such as fields, ditches, and right of way areas. It is also used to maintain high-use spaces like parks and sports fields, to expand usable property, or to create trails and pasture land. Brush cutting removes tall grasses and weeds, vines and other non-tree vegetation. Brush cutting is a safer and more manageable alternative to burning, which could become out of control or is sometimes prohibited to due to burn bans during times of drought.

Whether your brush cutting needs are on the farm, needed for maintaining high-traffic public spaces or keeping ditch brush under control, GPH Grading has the right equipment for the job. We can also create a regular schedule to keep your area maintained on an on-going basis after the initial clearing to keep it from becoming a problem again in the future.

GPH Grading provides best-in-class brush cutting services to residential and commercial properties all over the Atlanta area

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Brush Cutting Company

Save Time

We are ready to tackle your brush cutting projects with speed and efficiency.


We know the tricks and pitfalls, and you benefit from that know-how.

Safety First

We know the risks so we practice safety-first for worry-free results.

Environmental Awareness

We understand how brush cutting can affect the soil and the steps needed to protect it

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed and insured — absolutely necessary should any injury or emergency arise.

We want to partner with you to make your upcoming Atlanta brush cutting project a success. No matter what the state of the land you’re looking to build upon, we’ll get it ready for you in a flash. To learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate, call GPH Grading today at (770) 377-1236 or contact us online.