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Land Clearing

We offer a wide range of land clearing services to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers alike.

In simple terms, “land clearing” is removal of bushes, stumps, trees, and rocks to accommodate development of a piece of property. The key benefits of land clearing are safety and accessibility. Bushes and trees that grow too close together reduce visual appeal and property values. Clearing out weeds, brush and removing select trees creates more usable property. Brushy or weedy areas can also be havens for snakes and rodents as well as larger animals like deer that can create hazards for drivers. Unkempt vegetation can also invite disease-carrying insects and other pests. Clearing the areas and removing unhealthy trees creates a safer, more usable and enjoyable environment.

Before starting any new construction, you need a fresh, clean piece of land. Once you’ve got your variance permit approved, you’re gonna need a clean slate. That’s where GPH Grading can help you. No matter if you’re a contractor preparing a lot for development, homeowners who want to replace some of their overgrown lot with a playground or pool, our professional affordable land clearing services in Atlanta are what you need. Even for the seasoned weekend warrior, clearing land the right way isn’t the type of thing you should try to do yourself with a weed wacker or rented Bobcat. Land clearing takes the skills, patient attention to detail and know-how that comes from experience. The GPH Grading technicians are out there every day, taming the wild for folks just like you.

GPH Grading clearing land on residential and commercial properties all over the Atlanta area

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Land Clearing Company

Save Time

We are ready to tackle your land clearing projects with speed and efficiency.


We know the tricks and pitfalls, and you benefit from that know-how.

Safety First

We know the risks so we practice safety-first for worry-free results.

Environmental Awareness

We understand how land clearing can affect the soil and the steps needed to protect it

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed and insured — absolutely necessary should any injury or emergency arise.

We want to partner with you to make your upcoming Atlanta land clearing project a success. No matter what the state of the land you’re looking to build upon, we’ll get it ready for you in a flash. To learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate, call GPH Grading today at (770) 377-1236 or contact us online.